Corporate Development Advisers
Management Consultants


Other intermediaries


We are happy to receive referrals of work from intermediaries in any field or profession.


Whatever your area of expertise, we will respect your relationship with the client concerned. This means that it is for you to decide as to the business that you wish to carry out in connection with the transaction concerned. Provided that there is no legal or regulatory reason as to why you should not carry out that work, and provided also that the client concerned is happy with the arrangements, then we will do our best to ensure that this business comes to you.


If you are unable to participate in any of the professional work associated with your client’s transaction, then we can of course come to an arrangement as to commission.


When you have a transaction with which you think we could assist you, then please contact us on 020 7374 6000.


We also have current transactions which may be suitable for investment by your clients. If you would be interested in hearing about these, then please send us your details by email or post.  This information will not be passed to third parties.