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Over the years we have worked on a large number of transactions which have been referred from firms of solicitors. These include business sales, fundraisings, corporate restructuring advice and the commercial negotiation of joint venture arrangements.


Our work in such circumstances will normally involve research to identify suitable counterparties; making approaches on behalf of clients to possible buyers, financiers or joint venture partners; and assisting each client to arrive at a commercial agreement with his preferred counterparty.


If possible, when agreement in principle appears to have been reached, we will prepare a Terms Sheet for the client so that the parties can lay down the principles of the deal in layman’s terms before the matter is put into the hands of solicitors. We usually recommend that, if prepared by us, such a document should be referred to you, the client’s legal adviser, for approval before presentation to the counterparty.


Once agreement as to commercial terms has been reached, the necessary legal work to document and complete the deal can be passed back to your firm. We would aim to ensure that the contents of the terms sheet are sufficiently comprehensive so that the first drafts of the legal agreements will bear a high degree of congruence with the parties’ wishes.


If you have a current or potential project on which we may be able to assist, then please contact us direct on 020 7374 6000.  Alternatively, please send us your details by email or post and we will contact you by return.