Corporate Development Advisers
Management Consultants


Accountancy firms


We specialise in corporate development advisory and management consulting projects only. We do not carry out audit or accountancy work and do not offer tax advice except in outline.


We are therefore in an ideal position to provide corporate development advisory services to clients of small and medium-sized accountancy firms, as we do not compete with such firms’ core business.


We should be pleased to hear from you if you need our help in assisting a client to complete a corporate development transaction. We will respect your relationship with your client. Our policy is that, as far as the client’s transaction is concerned, the client remains yours except to the extent that the parties agree otherwise.


This means that it is for you to specify as to which parts of the client’s project should be discharged by your firm and which parts by us. Provided that there is no legal, professional or regulatory reason as to why you should not undertake that work, and provided also that the client is happy with the arrangement, then we should be pleased to co-operate.


If you have a current or potential project on which we may be able to assist, then please contact us direct on 020 7374 6000.  Alternatively please send us your details by email or post and we will contact you by return.